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ALC is a 15-year joint venture between Amey and Babcock, set up to the deliver the £660m C Vehicle Capability Contract. The Challenge? To provide the Ministry of Defence (MOD) with a wide range of construction and field mechanical handling equipment, as operated around the world by the Royal Engineers and Royal Logistics Corps. Simply put, it’s our responsibility to ensure the MOD has all the equipment they need, when they need it, in the most efficient manner possible.

What does this involve?

We provide a wide range of support services to ensure the optimal use of the MOD’s fleet through the refinement of existing processes and innovation at every opportunity. From providing global visibility of the fleet, to safeguarding service personnel from skill fade, to improving spares and inventory management, everything we do is driven by our core belief in Optimising Capability.

The contract involves all branches of the armed services, from senior command levels to soldiers in the field. And key to making the lives of everyone easier is the collaborative relationship between ALC and the MOD. It’s a partnership built on trust, transparency and an unwavering commitment to push for constant improvement.

How are we doing?

With the 15-year contract now well underway, it continues to break new grounds in terms of the integration of the private sector with core military activities. Here are just a few examples of how our clarity and consistency has already delivered for the MOD:

Value and savings in excess of £60million since the contract began

Reduced the MOD fleet from over 4,000 to 2,200

Our operational approach has ensured 99% fleet availability

Customer satisfaction level of 90%

PFI Award for ‘Best UK PFI to Close’

PFI Award for ‘Best Operational Defence Scheme

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