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Civica is the leading provider of business-critical software, digital solutions and managed services for the public sector and regulated markets.  Providing the software technology and automation behind essential every day services, they help organisations around the world deliver better outcomes for people and places.

In transport, Civica supplies the market-leading Tranman fleet management software, supporting customers to maintain compliance while delivering cost and utilisation benefits for operators of essential and high value fleets.

How Civica support ALC

To help support the C Vehicle Capability contract, Civica provides ALC with a Tranman fleet management system for 500 users. This software includes an administration system, billing system and an incident management packages, as well as the ability to manage the maintentance of the fleet. The software also provides the MOD with equipment demand processing and demand allocation management, enabling them to monitor key performance indicators.

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TMS Support Systems

TMS supplies technical documentation and support solutions for defence and commercial clients around the world. With an expert team made up of ILS analysts, technical authors, software developers and multimedia technicians, TMS offer a true one-stop-shop solution. What’s more, they understand the important role technical publications have to play in ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of all types of vehicle, as well as controlling whole life costs.

How TMS support ALC

TMS maintain and update all the technical documentation concerning the C Vehicle Capability Contract. For new equipment, TMS can also produce the documentation to the latest standards as required by ALC and the Authority. This ensures we meet all operator, maintainer and spares identification requirements. TMS also maintain web portal (library) of information for ALC engineers to use during their day-to-day activities.

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PDM Training Solutions

From Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to design, delivery and evaluation, PDM provides a complete range of high-end training services to MOD departments. In many cases, this specifically covers training on the use of heavy equipment by the construction, infrastructure and defence sectors. PDM is also a significant force in providing private sector training solutions.

How PDM support ALC

To help deliver the C Vehicle Capability Contract, PDM provides strategic and equipment-specific TNA. This involves detailed analysis of all tasks undertaken by C Vehicle users (operators and maintainers) in order to determine the most effective training solution. Once established, PDM designs cost-efficient, best practice training courses to overcome any identified training gaps.

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One of the UK’s most trusted support service partners, Amey specialise in the outsourcing of sustainable business solutions. As leaders in infrastructure asset management they also help some of the world’s biggest asset owners to better plan for, understand and manage their assets.

How Amey support ALC

In order for ALC and MOD users to work in close collaboration, access to the same data is essential. Due to the sensitive nature of the MOD’s work, this requires a secure IT solution that can be accessed from any one of 150k Defence Information Infrastructure terminals. Using cutting-edge access techniques Amey has designed and implemented an IT platform that provides both easy access and total security.

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TVS Supply Chain Solutions

For almost a century TVS has provided the MOD with spare parts and supply chain solutions. From consulting and management of systems and processes, to procurement, warehousing and customer services, TVS constantly refine their approach to inventory management to meet the ever-changing needs of the defence industry. It’s an approach that works, with the company now operating from bespoke centres across the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA.

How TVS support ALC

As ALC’s trusted supply chain partner TVS manage and deliver iun excess of 300,000 items across a wide range of military equipment including; armoured fighting vehicles, construction vehicles and workshop spares. Their innovation, capability, reputation and performance has transformed the way ALC decide what to buy, when to buy and how to buy inventory and services to ensure maximum availability at minimal cost.

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Exsel Group

Exsel Group

Exsel Group is an independent engineering solutions, technology systems and support services company. For over 60 years they’ve been providing design, product and manufacturing innovation to the defence and commercial industries where safety, reliability and protection are paramount. Exsel Group continues to deliver to its traditional customer base whilst opening new markets with innovative software, electrical and armour solutions.

Exsel Group aims to provide superlative levels of protection through the rapid and advanced application of cutting edge science, technology and engineering – ensuring the personnel, assets and locations of their clients remain protected against a broad range of threats.

Alongside their products and services, designed and manufactured in the UK, Exsel Group provides a global Field Services team and infrastructure to ensure clients are met wherever they may be – regardless of how hostile the environment.

How Exsel Group support ALC

Exsel Group’s contract with ALC is to provide technical support for the Equipment Replacement and Refurbishment Programme. The contract covers an extensive range of support work packages, everything from procurement support, winterisation, waterproofing, armouring, whole life cycle costs and hazard identification, to safety assessments, refurbishment support and the validation of technical publications. In all cases, Exsel Group harness their knowledge of technology to quickly engineer an answer that delivers rapid cost-effective success.

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