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At the heart of everything we do at ALC sits two words – Optimising Capability. However, it’s more than simply a handy marketing catchphrase, it’s an invaluable tool for reminding every single ALC team member, strategic partner and MOD colleague that we all have a collective responsibility to deliver continuous improvement throughout every stage of the C Vehicle Capability Contract. It’s also why we have the following initiatives in places to improve efficiency and reduce costs at every opportunity.

Help us, to help you

This initiative encourages military staff to take greater personal responsibility in keeping the C Vehicle fleet running by carrying out basic Level 1 checks, in turn freeing up ALC staff to concentrate on fleet-wide improvements. The initiative has already seen the MOD benefit from reduced costs and faster vehicle turnaround, simply by getting fleet users to:

  • Pre-plan equipment demands when organising training
  • Maintain their currency and competency on in-service equipment
  • Factor in time to complete Level 1 maintenance tasks at the end of their demand period
  • Treat equipment in the same way as any issued item
  • Report monthly usage to the MOD’s Capability Management Cell (CMC)
  • Engage with their local ALC Team

Improved service efficiencies

Through condition-based maintenance and extended service periods, the amount of consumable oils and lubricants used on equipment throughout their lifecycle has been greatly reduced. Great for the environment, and great for the MOD’s bottom line too.

Supporting C Vehicles together

To effectively deliver the British Armed Forces C Vehicle Capability it’s essential everyone isn’t simply pulling their weight but pulling in the same direction. That’s why several systems are in place such as the MOD’s Joint Assessment Management and Engineering Solutions (JAMES) portal and Technical Documents On-Line (TDOL).

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