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Looking for more information? Interested in joining ALC? Just call or email and we’ll be happy to answer any burning questions.

ALC Helpdesk (Available 24/7/365)
Address: Capability Service Centre, Building C52, C Site, DSDC Arncott, Bicester OX25 2LD
Military Tel: 94240 5205
Civil Tel: 01869 259205

ALC JAMES Helpdesk (Available weekday business hours)
Military Tel: 94240 5281
Civil Tel: 01869 259281

In the first instance units should contact the ALC Helpdesk with any problems relating to equipment that has already been delivered. CMC can assist with general enquiries:

Capability Management Cell (Available normal business hours)

Demand Tel: 03067 981321 or 03067 984259
Demand Email:

Service Tel: 03067 938264 or 03067 985540
Service Email:

Yes I Give ALC permission to store and use my personal data in order to reply to my enquiry. I understand that after my enquiry has been answered to my satisfaction my data will be deleted.

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