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Q. What is a C Vehicle?

A. C Vehicle is the military term for construction vehicles, plant and equipment that is typically used by the military for engineering projects and equipment/material handling. This group of vehicles include cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and mechanical handling equipment, such as forklift trucks.

Q. What is a PFI?

A. Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is a procurement approach, based upon a set of principles and techniques, aimed at determining the feasibility and cost effectiveness of allowing the private sector to provide the MoD with certain capabilities and services. PFI differs from privatisation in that the MoD retains the ultimate responsibility for ensuring service delivery, either as the main purchaser of the service or as an essential enabler of the project. It differs from other initiatives, as the private sector is required to invest in, manage and operate any capital assets necessary to deliver the service. The public sector, as the customer of the service, normally pays directly through a long term contract, typically in excess of 10 years. A PFI allows the MoD and the private sector to concentrate on doing what each does best. Often the private sector will be able to offer better value for money solutions to any given MoD requirement. When freed from the need to engage in such activities, the MoD can concentrate its efforts on its primary objective of delivering an effective front line defence capability.

Q. What does ALC provide to the British Armed Forces?

A. ALC has rationalised the MoD's C Vehicle Fleet from over 3,800 to just over 2,000 assets. ALC will then maintain and manage the fleet and provide associated services including spares support and inventory management, a comprehensive management information system, equipment documentation and training for operators and instructors. The service is to be provided mainly to the British Army, including Units supporting the Royal Air Force and the Royal Marines, on a worldwide basis.

Q. What are the key benefits provided by ALC?

A. This is one of the largest Operational PFI contracts in direct support of front line operations of the British Armed Forces. ALC actively support the MoD by assuming responsibility for a large part of the MoD's non-core activities, allowing the MoD to focus on its core activities. A standardised, efficient and easy to use fleet, with support for the "worst case" operational requirement. Directly supports the Defence Mission aspirations to:
  • make every penny count
  • develop a joint approach
  • be open, flexible and creative
  • encourage British industry
Value for money, striving continuously to provide improvements, whilst maintaining the C Vehicle capability. Transparency assures mutual benefit and value for the MoD. ALC delivers optimum solutions to the MoD by operating independently from equipment manufacturers.

Q. How do ALC provide worldwide support?

A. ALC provide both direct and indirect support to the British Armed Forces in both its Permanent and Operational theatres worldwide. This support can either be direct using ALC systems and staff for the permanent locations and indirect using ALC systems and 3rd party providers for all locations. Practices and procedures are reviewed constantly to enable ALC to provided the level of service required to ensure the MoD has maximum C Vehicle capability.

Q. How can this project guarantee value to the MoD?

A. The ALC solution has been designed specifically to meet the service requirement as defined by the MoD. Using innovation, latest technology and private sector best practice, the ALC solution will deliver a much higher level of service to the MoD for less cost than the level of service currently being self-delivered by the MoD. In summary, the ALC solution will deliver more value to the MoD and for less expense than the Public Sector Comparator (PSC).

Q. Who will be the major equipment suppliers?

A. The procurement of new equipment will be conducted in partnership with the MoD, taking into consideration suppliers that meet the stated requirement. ALC will consider all appropriate equipment suppliers, to optimise the solution to meet the military requirement at the time of replacement.

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