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One of the great successes of Optimising Capability and joint working

Optimising Capability is a continuous process of improvement in the way we do business and requires everyone using the service to contribute to further improve and enhance the Capability. As well as the support from ALC and the introduction of more new equipment, ALC and the MOD actively promote:

This campaign is designed to optimise Capability by removing waste from daily activities which both improves efficiency and reduces cost. The main area for improvement and to allow effective Whole Fleet Management is for Units to submit equipment demands in a timely manner as the additional cost in time and money of surge requests is a significant waste of MOD resource.

An important area for improvement is recording of repair and maintenance and spares consumption. Whole Fleet Management relies on up to date knowledge on equipment condition and being able to make decisions to drive improvements in availability and reliability.

The most significant benefit of the ‘Help Us To Help You’ initiative has been the reduction of additional charges to the MOD for failing to carry
out its obligations. Just as important though, there is a greater awareness of what is required to keep the C Vehicle fleet fit which has
been reflected in high levels of availability and helps operators and maintainers to keep skill levels current, and for them to gain
valuable experience for when it is needed most – on operations.

Together with guidance from ALC and the MOD, we can all help to optimise the C Vehicle Capability.

Click here for more information on how the Help Us to Help You campaign works
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