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An Introduction to the C Vehicle Capability

The C Vehicle Capability PFI is a 15 year (commenced June 2005) £600m joint venture between Amey plc and Babcock International Group plc providing the Ministry of Defence with a wide range of construction and field mechanical handling equipment, operated worldwide largely by the Royal Engineers and Royal Logistics Corps. The former MOD legacy fleet of some 4000 assets has been purchased by ALC, the Service Provider, and with the exception of some specialist militarised equipment, will be replaced with a significantly smaller fleet of commercial specification.

The Capability provides a broad range of support services to ensure the optimal use of the fleet and to ensure that service personnel do not suffer skill fade that would adversely impact military demand through global visibility of the fleet, provided through a Management Information System operating within the Defence Information Infrastructure. This allows the fleet to be jointly managed, (e.g. vehicle allocation, maintenance, transport etc) by the military as well as by ALC.

Other services include training of plant operators and maintainers, the provision of an online and hardcopy technical publications service, hiring in/out of commercial equipment to optimise the fleet holding and a spares provision and inventory management system. This project involves all branches of the armed services from senior command levels to soldiers in the field. It is fully integrated with all associated defence support functions such as logistics and training, and it is directly supporting current operations in Afghanistan.

This project is viewed as a pathfinder by the MOD for through its innovations it has broken new ground in the integration of the private sector with core military activities. Key to its success has been the exemplary partnership between the MOD and ALC who between them have demonstrated a common desire to make a substantial improvement to military capability. As a service based PFI, its success should be measured through the benefits received by the end users. The last Customer Satisfaction Survey (see Library section for more detail) was conducted across the military, from the chain of command to plant operators and maintainers. The response rate was over 43%, particularly high for this type of survey, and the results revealed a 90% satisfaction with the service received. This was a remarkable success reflecting well on the standard of service delivered and the joint working done to ensure the service was integrated seamlessly into the existing military organisation.

As well as MOD recognition of its success the C Vehicle Capability PFI was similarly recognised by Industry and was awarded the 2006 PFI Award for Best UK PFI to Close and the 2007 PFI Award for the Best Operational Defence Scheme.

ALC provides the services directly from its 15 Regional Pools (see Contact section for more information) in the UK, Germany and Cyprus and its Capability Service Centre at Bicester. ALC also have the capability to provide Field Service Representatives into theatre for Operational Support under Contractors on Deployed Operations (CONDO).

ALC's mission is to ensure all stakeholders have total confidence in the capability ALC provides to the MOD.
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